On International Women’s Day: It’s not enough for women to say: “That’s enough!”

Statement by WLOE members and friends, Bonn, Germany February 2006, concerning the “Women say NO to War” international petition drive

Of course we say NO TO WAR and join the thousands of women who will bring their Appeal to the public today, on International Women’s Day.

But we believe: IT’S NOT ENOUGH. It’s not enough for women to say: “That’s enough!”

We must oppose the alliance of politicians blinded by power, corporate heads obsessed with profit and the military hawks with our RESISTANCE, our solution-oriented involvement and our unconditional DESIRE FOR PEACE.

There is a connection between the destruction of domestic social peace and the threat of a foreign war. The superpower USA seems to have little interest in finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict with Iran over its nuclear program. The conflict escalates because agreements are demanded from Iran that go much farther than meeting the requirements of the atomic nonproliferation treaty. On its part, the USA and other atomic powers are not thinking about fulfilling this treaty. For years they have resisted the atomic disarmament that is part of the treaty to which they are obligated.

The hidden threat of war against Iran from the USA has also been joined by voices from Europe and Germany too. At the same time preparations for an atomic attack continue. Such an attack, which cannot be excluded, would be a crime against humanity.

War as public relation experts show us daily, begins in our minds. In the case of Iran this began long ago. The means by which this war is carried out include the ban against head scarves and the conflict over the caricatures. Supposedly being defended are the dominant culture, freedom of speech and Western values. However, religious insults and humiliations of people from other cultures is more than collateral damage: the destructive reactions that follow them are a calculated means of public incitement, that until now has preceeded every war. But now it concerns an atomic war.

We women say NO to this incitement. Stop the arsonists. It’s high time. We say – yes, we scream: our world is on fire! Already war rules: war against the poor, violence against the weak, theft of life’s necessities. Nuclear strikes, which are ever more openly threatened, would be a catastrophe and the end of the future for us all.

Women, men, people – let’s resist together. RESIST WAR AND MAKE PEACE.